Crested Chicken: 10 Afro Chicken Breeds

Crested chickens or chickens with extravagant hairstyles are true show birds.  They are also called “afro chicken” because of their afro-look hairstyle. Almost anyone would enjoy having some of these chickens in their home, but how do you decide? There is not a wide variety of breeds with crowns, but we will try to list the best options. Crested chickens come in different types of colors and sizes.

In general, these types of chickens need special care against predators, because the feathers on their crest make it difficult for them to see everything around them. Also, all breeds with feathered crests need a special waterer so that their comb feathers do not get wet (or freeze) when they drink.

The following chickens sport a unique look and honestly, they have extremely fun hairstyles, which are actually just different types of feathers. Their unique look makes these crested chickens look great in your chicken house. There are plenty of options here, let’s take a look at these fantastic chickens!

1. Polish chicken

This adorable breed of chicken sports an almost comical crest of feathers that covers their heads. The feathers are so wild that they sometimes tend to block the chicken’s line of sight.

The Polish breed is quite popular in America, although they tend to be a bit shy. They are primarily bred for their attractive appearance and come in a variety of colors. Many breeders of Polish crowned hens keep them for their ornamental appeal over their ability to lay eggs.

2. Sultan chicken

Image credit Funpoultry

If you think Silkies chickens make great pets get ready for the Sultan. This breed originally from Turkey has a fantastic and fun hairstyle!

They have a big fluffy feather ball on their heads along with cute feather muffs and feathered legs! They are ridiculously adorable and have incredibly friendly personalities.

3. Appenzeller Spitzhauben

Image credit Domestic Animal Breeds

The Appenzeller Spitzhauben breed is originally from Switzerland and there are currently two different varieties. The Spitzhauben variety is the one with the most unique appearance.

They come in different colors and their bodies look relatively similar to other crested hens, however, the feathers on the crest are what sets them apart. They have a large feathered V-comb on top of their heads.

Don’t be fooled that this chicken has not been electrocuted or abused, its appearance is how you see it, but fear not! This is normal and the chicken is fine! They are just a little comical when they look directly at you.

4. Houdan chicken


This breed is native to the country of France, the Houdan chicken has a visually attractive appearance. They have a large, fluffy crest on the top of their heads, and they have intertwined black with white feathers.

They tend to be very funny chickens and it doesn’t stop there. Houdan copeton hens have 5 toes! Normal chickens have only 4 toes, which makes this breed look even more unique.

5. Crevecoeur chicken

Image credit Crevecoeur Chicken Conservation Project

This breed originally from France derives its name from a city located in Normandy. While the Crevecoeur tends to be super popular in its native country, it isn’t very popular outside of France, but it should be!

They are very funny-looking crowned hens and have a wild-looking crest on their heads like the Brabanter. They are solid black in color and have moderate-sized bodies, as well as calm demeanors.

6. Brabanter chicken

Brabanter chicken image credit Chippie the Chicken

This unique-looking chicken breed was first discovered in Belgium and the Netherlands. It is a relatively small-sized chicken that also has a wild-looking V-shaped crest of feathers on top of its head.

The extra feathers on their noggins make them perfect for surviving cold winters and harsher climates. Helps keep them from freezing or getting too cold. However, it still makes them look silly but insanely cute.

7. Silkie chicken

Black silkie

The Silkie breed is super cute and fluffy chickens that will steal your heart with just one look. They are sweet and calm birds that have extra soft and fluffy feathers. It almost looks like someone has brushed their curly hair and now it’s just one big puff of cuteness!

Its feathers cover its entire body, including the head and feet. Their small size coupled with their charming looks makes them the funniest and most adorable chickens on this list.

8. Frizzle crested chicken

Frizzle crested chicken image credit eBay

You will be surprised to learn that a frizzle is not technically a breed of hen, but is actually a reference to its cute, curly feathers. They can be found in a variety of Copetonian chicken breeds, including Polish, Cochinchinas, as well as Silkies.

Although they appear to be super fuzzy, their feathers are actually quite thin and don’t help keep frizzle chicken warm in cold temperatures. Their fine feathers also prevent them from flying like other chickens and make it harder for them to reach higher levels and high poles.

9. Pavlovskaya chicken

Pavlovskaya chicken Credits:

Pavlovskaya is the oldest breed of chicken in Russia. They get their name from the village of Paul in the Nizhy Novgorod region in rural Russia (now called the city of Pavlosk). They are a cold-hardy breed with unique foot feathers around the entire leg, full beards, and circular ridges.

Most believe (poultry historians) that the Pavlovskya is one of the earliest developed crested breeds, such as the Appenzeller Barthunter, Brabanter, and the Polish crested.

10. Beijing You or Beijing Fatty

Beijing You hen

Not many people know what Beijing You is but they are really cute. They are called Beijing Fatty here in the Philippines due to their broad body with think meat. I personally raise Beijing You and decided not to raise any other breeds than this one because they are really adorable and gentle.

These are the most adorable crested chickens that you will find here on Surely there are many more breeds of these fine birds, if you have information about other breeds with these fantastic hairstyles do not hesitate to comment below. So we continue to learn more about these beautiful chickens altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions on Crested Chickens

What does crested mean in chickens?

You have probably seen an eye-catching chicken breed with a fancy tuft of feathers on its head. These breeds – referred to as crested chickens – or chicken with afro, come in distinct sizes and colors and are a favorite for chicken farmers.

Do crested chickens lay eggs?

Yes of course. Although they are not considered good egg layers, crested chickens do in fact lay a respectable 3-4 eggs per week – so around 200 each year.

What kind of eggs do crested chickens lay?

Crested chickens have been known to lay later in the egg season than other breeds. It takes them a while to warm up, but once they do, they are fairly consistent. Most afro chickens lay medium to small white eggs.

Can crested chickens see?

Crested chickens are often accused of being less intelligent than other birds when the truth is: that they simply can’t see well past their crest feathers. They can seem jumpy and may appear to overreact to certain interactions, but having obscured vision means are easily sneaked up on and surprised frequently. You can help your crested chicken to improve their line of vision by trimming their crest around their eyes.

How big do crested chickens get?

Crested chickens come in a variety of sizes, anywhere from two to six pounds. Though most afro chickens are easily divided into bantam (mini chickens) and standard sizes, Polish bantams are often larger than other types of bantams, and Polish standards are often smaller. Beijing You roosters can weigh up to eight pounds.

How much is a crested chicken?

Depending on breed and availability, crested chicks can cost between $3.47 to $5. In the Philippines, Beijing You chicks can cost $8 (400 Php)

Want more crests? Nothing can beat the Philippine Eagle 🙂

Philippine Eagle

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