Ayam Pelung Chicken: All You Need to Know

Pelung or Ayam Pelung chicken is a breed of chicken native to Cianjur, Indonesia. Roosters are considered “long-song birds”, being frequent in the most melodious singing competitions in the Pelung area. An adult rooster can weigh 5 to 6 kg (12-15 lb) and reach up to 50 cm in height.


These birds are known for their large size and straight posture. A mature rooster will reach 6 kg and a hen 4 kg. Their large size and rapid growth make them good table birds.

Ayam pelung
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These robust birds have a clean, shiny coat. With a round or oval head and a large and bright look that seems to have the courageous and even violent trait. It has a large, thick crest that rises upward in a bright red color.

The Pelung, arose from the crossing between the Ayam Bekisar breed with domesticated game birds. The roosters of each generation were selected for their singing skills and the Pelung is now a breed prized primarily for its melodious singing.

In fact, locally, they are known as the “singing chickens.” In many regions of Indonesia, the Pelung rooster has replaced the traditional Ayam Bekisar as the songbird of choice for both home and Polynesian canoe use.

Ayam pelung chicken breed varieties

This melodious songbird does not have a typical pattern, but generally, the colored varieties are presented with a mixture of red and black; yellow and white, and multi-colored with a mix of bright green.


The breed is native to the Cianjur district in the West Java area, Indonesia. Also known as the singing rooster for its melodious song.

According to local legend, the first Ayam Pelung chick was discovered in 1850 in the province of Cianjur, Java, by a native bird fan, H. Djarkasih. He adopted the chick and it matured quickly. When he grew up, he gave a long, melodious song. This bird was named Ayam Pelung and the breed was born.

Today there are annual singing competitions in Cianjur, and people bring Pelung roosters from Java Province and the Capital Territory of Jakarta to participate in the competition. The winning rooster can sell for hundreds of dollars.

Ayam Pelung roosters singing

The economic value of the Pelung chicken lies not only in its beautiful song but also as a source of meat for being an excellent table bird.

These birds were originally used as a kind of early ‘fog horn’, as the roosters were crowded together and allowed the fishing boats using them to stay in contact even with large swells.

Ayan Pelung is also used used in cockfighting. In Indonesia and in some parts of the Southern Philippines, Ayam Pelung is one of the most popular gamefowls and fighting roosters

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